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Parts of the shutter system

A message from the manufacturer

As the exclusive Rollac Inc. shutter distributor and installer for Utah and surrounding areas we want you to be as informed as possible about the parts of your shutter system and the quality that goes into each custom made shutter since every one is based on the measurements we take during the initial consultation.


Multifunctional and Elegantly Tough

We measure, design and install rolldown insulated metal shutters over most 90 degree openings in your home or business.

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Smart Shutters

Integration of sensors to detect direct sunlight, motion, and high wind, as well as operation from anywhere using your smart phone or PC.


New Construction

New home installations are a way to integrate the shutters into the walls over the home's openings, Keeping the shutters out of site but always at the ready.

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Shutters over street side windows help reduce the noise and disturbances of urban living, and can be left at any position for partial visibility.

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Shutters built to outlast all others.

In the many years we have spent servicing numerous brands of shutters it was obvious that those who used their shutters every day had the least amount of service calls.
CSSD proudly offers 5 year warranty on all Rollac brand products we install.


Handles the tough stuff with ease

Roll down shutters originated in Portugal to protect from heavy winds and rain as well as shade from the sun and were made of wood pieces held together with cloth. 
Today, the double wall 60mm slat with end retention and stainless screws locked in the side tracks are tough enough to throw cinder blocks at and not affect performance.


Soffit recessed shuttters

Framing can be added to the eaves to accommodate the shutter housing so as not to block the view.

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Year round use of porches and covered deck spaces

CSSD shutters can turn outdoor spaces into more comfortable "indoor" feeling ones with the press of a switch. 
Great for keeping snow off of balconies, stop freezing winds so decks can be used anytime! Rain or Snow

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Smart Shutter Options

Environmental sensors such as:

-Solar activated

-Motion activated

-Wind speed activated

-WIFI operation from phone or PC


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