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Reduce the Sun’s heat by 80% using exterior screen. Interior window treatments do not cool a space down. 

 Wind and Solar Screens and Shutters

  • Up to 20% Energy Savings

  • *New!  Fixed Solar Screens

  • Maintain View with Privacy

  • Blocks up to 80% of Suns Heat

  • Sound suppression

  • Security Options, Safe Rooms

  • Insulated Shutters for Total Comfort

Multifunctional and Elegantly Tough

We measure, design and install rolldown solar and wind screens, as well as insulated metal shutters and security shutters over most 90 degree openings for your home or business.

Save Energy – Somfy Powered Motorized Window Coverings

Save Energy – Somfy Powered Motorized Window Coverings

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We use Somfy premium motors for our screens and shutters for easy  Wifi integration

Even a simple fixed Solar screen over windows keeps the view, but blocks up to 80% of the Sun’s heat. Interior drapes or plantation shutters let the heat inside the building. Solar screens are mounted in front of glass to BLOCK Infrared heat before it enters. Average temperature difference is 5-13 degrees cooler with exterior sun shades. 

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New Construction

New home installations are a way to integrate the shutters into the walls over the home's openings, Keeping the shutters out of site but always at the ready.

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Covered Balconies and Patios

Shutters or roll down Solar Screens can turn an uncomfortable Summer or Winter outdoor spaces into a relaxing, comfortable ones year round at the flip of a switch or remote control. Excellent Day and Night functionality by reducing street noise, light pollution, one way privacy and wind and desert sand (or snow) blocking  

Uncovered Patios and Decks


Affordable Shade Sails

Hundreds of colors to choose from! Sails are handmade here in Salt Lake with premium hardware to last for many years.


Block out the harmful UV and enjoy those patios and decks

CSSD shutters can turn outdoor spaces into more comfortable "indoor" feeling ones with the press of a switch. 
Great for keeping snow off of balconies, stop freezing winds so decks can be used anytime! Rain or Snow.


Random knowledge...Roll down shutters originated in Portugal to protect from heavy winds and rain as well

as shade from the sun and were made of wood pieces held together with cloth. 

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Smart Shutter Options

Environmental sensors such as:

-Solar activated

-Motion activated

-Wind speed activated

-WIFI operation from phone or PC




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