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Multifunctional and Elegantly Tough

We measure, design and install;

-Rolldown Privacy and Security Shutters made in Utah

-Security Screens by QMI, Trivantage Solar Screens for Summer Comfort

-High Wind Screens by Armor Screen to protect from desert sand and snow

We use Somfy premium motors for our shutters and screens for easy  Wifi integration

Keep the view.

Punched metal slats allow the eye to capture the view without compromising on security. 

Commercial Styles1.jpg

Business Applications

During 2024, Businesses and Residences that have reported a break in within past 6 months prior to calling Custom Screens and Shutters Direct get the window or door that was used to access the premises at 10% above wholesale cost.

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Residential Applications-
-Covered Balconies and Patios
-Sound Suppression for Condos and Townhomes
-High Wind rated shutters and screens - 110mph

CSSD Shutters and Wind Screens can turn outdoor spaces into more comfortable "indoor" feeling

with the press of a switch. 

Great for keeping snow off of balconies and block freezing winds so decks can be used anytime, Snow or Shine!

Suntex Wind Screen 4.jpg
snow screens 2.jpg

Smart Shutter Options

Environmental sensors such as:

-Solar activated

-Motion activated

-Wind speed activated

-WIFI operation from phone or PC


We are committed to providing customers economic yet durable protection for their property, and providing peace of mind day, and night.

Premium parts Manufacturers

QMI USA, Eastern Metal Supply, Armor Screen Inc, Expert Shutter Services Inc, & Assembled with care in Magna Utah. 

More Options

Transparent 120 mph Wind & Storm Protection, Low cost 24/7/365 service option, In Wall, soffit recess, and stucco coated boxes and tracks, 20 color options

Modern Features

Convenient Operation from any internet connection, remote environmental sensors  to close when needed most.

Product Warranty

10 year limited warranty covers manufacturer defect  and installation. 


Expert Installation, with combined experience of over 15 years. Millcreek resident with commitment to local communities.

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CSSD has installed and serviced Roll-down shutters, functional Colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, Armor screens, and Solar screens for customers from the Florida Keys, Jacksonville Florida, Charleston SC to Salt Lake City Utah. Give us a call to get the best product for your unique situation. 


Owner's Cell # 904-392-3262

Peace of Mind with Somfy Motorized Rolling Shutters

Peace of Mind with Somfy Motorized Rolling Shutters

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